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Is your home dark? Feeling dingy? Choose one of these skylights, recommended and engineered to Darwin’s stringent cyclone code.

No need to worry about ugly fittings on your ceilings, Solatube have a choice of fashionable inner fittings to suit your home, available in 250mm and 500mm sizes.

Spread light evenly throughout your home with an award winning Solatube Skylight. From dull hallways and dark linen cupboards to dreary laundries – you’ll be amazed at the difference a Solatube skylight makes.
With its superior design and the world’s most reflective tubing a Solatube skylight can provide up to 99.7% reflectivity, basically bringing the sun right into your home.

There are a range of accessories that can be added to the light including a vent which uses the same inside fitting. 

Available in 250mm and 400mm sizes.




VELUX Skylights

VELUX skylight solutions offer stylish solutions to lighting all areas of your home by opening up your room and creating changing light effects all throughout the day.

VELUX electric systems have gone even MORE eco-friendly by giving the option of a solar powered blind, which is cheaper than hooking it up to mains power!

All VELUX systems come with a 10-year warranty including 3-year warranty on accessories including electric controls. VELUX electric systems also come with an optional rain sensor which activates when it starts raining and closes your sky light, keeping the inside of your home dry.

What are you waiting for? Order yours today!

Click here to find out more about VELUX skylights.



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E-THERM Insulation

Introducing E-therm, an Aussie innovation in insulation using recycled materials to help you keep your cool. E-therm provides effective thermal and acoustic insulation for homes, offices, sheds and warehouses. It's fibre-free, safe to install and meets or exceeds all Australian Standards. It will not absorb moisture, maintains its original structure and uses minimal space in your roof and wall cavities. 

Check out more specs at





Solar Star

Here’s a novel idea… use the sun to cool your home! The Solar Star is a rooftop ventilator that is guaranteed to pay for itself!

Have your Solar Star roof top ventilator installed in your home and reduce your cooling and heating costs. The ventilator operates completely on natural energy from sunlight, keeping your home environment comfortable all year round. What’s more, it costs nothing to run, making it the eco nomical choice.

Solar Star brings you
• Efficient operation
• Stylish design
• Overall effectiveness
• Lasting value
• 10 year warranty on roof flashing and metal ventilation components
• 5 year warranty on solar panels, controllers and motor

Solar Star now comes in 2 sizes, the original 1200 size and now a 1600 size, which moves 50% more air than the 1200. Click here to view the brochure to calculate which size you need.

Click here to find out more about Solar Star.


Sola Star

Solacoat heat reflective coating

On a typical Top End day, Solacoat heat reflective coating can reduce the heat within your home by up to 20 degrees celcius on the hottest day. It does this by reflecting 94% of solar radiation from the roof and walls, stopping heat right at its source.

The great news for Territorians is, the hotter it gets, the harder Solacoat works to keep your house cool on the inside.
Benefits to you:
• Stop heat at its source – reflects 90% of heat rays
• Reduce internal temperatures even without cooling devices
• Make significant savings on air cooling costs
• Reduce greenhouse gas emissions            
• Reduce thermal expansion
• Prevent rust and corrosion
• Easy to apply
• Australian owned and manufactured to ISO, NAT and APAS standards

To find out more about this fantastic product, call us on 08 8947 4373 or click onto the Coolshield website.


Solar Coat

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ModWood composite decking and screening

Ever wished there was a better way to recycle plastic? Well now there is!

Introducing ModWood – the eco friendly, eco logical solution to conventional timber decking and screening. Made from recycled plastic and non-virgin wood, ModWood looks and feels like natural timber, but with the following added benefits: Easy on you – Easy on the environment
• no sanding
• no sealing
• low maintenance
• no termites!       
• recycled components
• no waste

Click here to find out what you need for your deck!

ModWood is already a material of choice for many people in the The Territory. Check out our image gallery for more photos.

Click here to find out more about ModWood.



Modwood decking


Visible screwlines are SO yesterday, KlevaKlip is an advanced deck fixing system for contemporary decks. Using a concealed claw design that leaves no unsightly screw or nail holes, your outdoor living space will feel clean, sleek and modern.

The KlevaKlip design not only provides an enduring professional finish, it saves you time and money through quick assembly and reduced maintenance costs that come with conventional deck fixing methods.

KlevaKlip now comes black powder coated.

Make the Kleva choice. Ask us about KlevaKlip today. 

Click here to find out more about KlevaKlip.

Klea Klip

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Compost Toilets

Many people expect composting toilets to stink. They conjure up memories of the old Aussie long-drop dunnies from yesteryear. Don’t worry… even we shudder at those thoughts!

Modern composting toilets, however, are very, VERY different! We’ve advanced so far since then that there really is no good reason NOT to compost your toilet waste. Here’s an overview of the two options we believe are the best on the market. Both convert fresh waste into organic humus (fantastic soil for your garden!), both are economically and environmentally sensible and both look just like a normal loo!

Whether you have an environmental, ethical or economic reason for seeking information on a composting toilet, you can’t go wrong with either of these…

Rota-Loo composting toilets

When installed correctly the ROTA-LOO provides the optimum conditions for the natural hygienic process of composting to occur. Composting is the most appropriate method for dealing with human waste and is completely natural. A composting toilet is traditionally a waterless toilet and therefore respects precious water supplies and doesn't create any pollution. Because the Rota-Loo doesn't use water to transport deposits from one place to another the Rota Loo must sit directly below the toilet room. In your toilet room there is no chain to pull or button to press, apart from that it's your average loo.

One of the most significant benefits of the Rota-Loo system is its ability to use spare bins. If an installation receives a shock loading and all the bins become full before the first has fully composted, a spare bin can be put in its place and the other removed to finish composting in a safe place.

Click here to find out more about Rota-Loo.

Nature Loo

The cost effective Nature Loo domestic toilets are manufactured in Brisbane and the more advanced domestic toilets are imported from the Canadian manufacturer Sun-Mar. The commercial sized toilets are supplied by Kazuba from France.

There is a Nature Loo toilet to suit all buildings be it a home, shed or work place; regardless of whether the structure is high set or a slab on ground.

The toilets range from the low cost part time use Compact to the contemporary looking Classic. They all have one thing in common; they use no water, no chemicals, don’t smell and are economical.

They are also the least expensive domestic on site treatment system and beneficial to your environment.

Click here to find out more about Nature Loo.








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Tired, old roofs and gutters are more than an eye sore. They are prone to leaks and rust and diminish your property value.

In the wake of cyclone Tracy, many people needed to rebuild the roofs on their houses. 30 years on many of these roofs are finally in need of replacing and that’s where we come in.

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Access ladders

Fakro Access Ladder

Need more storage room?  We’ve got a neat solution for you – the Fakro Access Ladder.

This fold-away ladder will turn any room of your house - where the roof line is high enough - into a handy storage area, giving you more room to enjoy living!

An unobtrusive trapdoor hides a ladder which unfolds when opened.  The trapdoor is spring-hinged and balanced for effortless opening – its as easy as unfolding a sofa bed!

The access ladder comes in a stylish finish of metal and timber with a white hatch cover. The ladder also features a special gasket to prevent any dust from falling into the room, makes this product perfect for any home.

Sort out your storage problems today!

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